Goals & Vision

This is a new way of thinking.

Our goal is to provide a new and affordable way for you to shift your current reliance on fossil fuels over to renewables.
This will help shrink your carbon footprint while investing in Alberta renewable energy projects.
This new way of thinking is different when compared to other green providers.
We believe in a balance between "Shareholder Values and Social Values" and are focused on supporting sustainable renewables through the "Light up Alberta" initiative.
We know that the Alberta energy market is a business based on long-term investment decisions. Generators in Alberta have invested $16 billion of private sector money in the current infrastructure. Likewise, climate change must be considered as a long term investment.
On the issue of global warming, it is the addiction to short-term thinking that has gotten us into trouble.
Now is the time for leadership and investments in renewables. It can be easily argued that a prudent investment in renewables will pay long term dividends.
Global Climate Change targets will take decades to be fully realized. It will require leaders in the industry and governments to adopt long term energy efficiency programs plus make massive investments into mega infrastructure projects. Plus it will also boil down to what both you and we do in supporting a de-carbonized environment.
In the overall scope of "Global Objectives", it is easy to feel insignificant.
But maybe if you can take a moment to reflect on the story of "The Hummingbird", you will appreciate that every bit we do will indeed help make a difference.