Just green what you can afford

With Green Alberta Energy and your local Energy Marketer, you can reduce your emissions footprint and support the growth of renewable energy in Alberta.
You can chose how much energy going onto the grid for your home comes from clean, green fossil free fuels.
The Calculator will help you determine the costs of the program. As an example, the average residential consumer living in an apartment uses about 350 kWh per month. A family living in a condo or semi-detached home, consumes about 600 kWh per month and those living in a larger home, will consume upwards of 1000 kWh each month. Enter the consumption applicable to your home, condo or apartment and select the percentage of electricity you would like to Green. Simple.
% Green
Get started by contacting any Energy Marketer in our network to green a percentage of your monthly consumption.
There are only two simple steps:
  1. Select your Energy Marketer from the list below.
  2. Select the percentage of energy you want to green.
This offer is open to existing customers of the Energy Marketers listed below. Eventually the offer will be opened to everyone in Alberta.
Today's list of Energy Marketers supporting Green Energy in Alberta:
If your current energy provider is not listed above, REQUEST A QUOTE