Just green what you can afford

More and more, Albertans want to support companies doing their best to protect the environment.
Join the growing trend of firms, including Google, Walmart, Ikea, Costco, Apple, Mountain Equipment Co-op and Second Cup. Many companies: international or local, big or small are investing in renewable energy. You can, too.
The marketing benefit of investing in renewables sends a strong and positive message to your customers.
The online calculator will help understand how little the program costs. As an example, small to medium sized business will use between 1,500 to 4,000 kWh per month; if you greened 100% of your monthly consumption it would cost you $33 per month. At 50% it will cost you just over 50 cents per day.
Enter the monthly consumption applicable to your business and the percentage of Green that you want to buy. Simple.
% Green
Let's get started.
The benefits will last a lifetime.
By making a choice for green energy, you can:
  • Align your brand with an environmental program focused on "Clean Air" solutions.
  • You can reduce your company's carbon footprint and help displace energy on the grid from polluting sources.
  • Increase your appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Help fund new green energy projects in Western Canada.
There are only two simple steps:
  1. Select your Energy Marketer from the list below.
  2. Select the percentage of energy you want to green.
This offer is open to existing customers of the Energy Marketers listed below. Eventually the offer will be opened to everyone in Alberta.
Today's list of Energy Marketers supporting Green Energy in Alberta:
If your current energy provider is not listed above, REQUEST A QUOTE